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What's Stem Cell

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high speed internet serviceWhat is Sheep placenta stem cell all about.

Enhance your personal Health.

 Your Anti-Aging formula.

Sheep placenta has been used for many years to promote general health. It is also typically used by consumers to produce clear and healthy skin, free of wrinkles and blemishes. Although many people disagree on the benefits of this extract, in many areas of the world, it is thought to be a natural way to reduce the toll that age takes on the body.

Like all mammals, when a sheep becomes pregnant, a placenta forms inside of her uterus. This placenta helps to provide nutrients and oxygen to the unborn lamb, and is also responsible for helping to get rid of any waste that is produced. All of the nutrients in the sheepplacenta help the unborn lamb to grow, but when the placenta is extracted, some believe that it can also provide numerous benefits to human health. Every placenta produced by pregnant mammals contains vitamins and nutrients, but sheepplacentas tend to be more accessible and more nutrient-rich.

One of the benefits to using products that include extract of sheep's placenta is clear, beautiful skin that may seem to remain young, despite age. Sheep placenta has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate skin, reduce skin sagging, and reduce the appearance of freckles and blemishes. Many consumers have also found that it can be helpful in regulating the amount of oil produced by the skin on the face. Sheepplacenta can be taken to help promote healing of certain types of wounds, and it may also be used to smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

Some researchers have shown that sheepplacenta contains certain nutrients, hormones, and growth factors. When consumed, the placenta extract can help improve an individual's immune system, regulate his or her hormones, or improve his or her general health. This extract may also be used to prevent allergic reactions and help with mental clarity. The placenta may also be used by women who wish to regulate their menstrual cycle.

This type of placenta extract comes in several different forms. To maintain young, healthy skin, creams are often used. Many people produce shiny and healthy hair by using shampoos that contain the placenta extract. Pills or soft gels that contain the extracted nutrients and vitamins of a sheep placenta may also be taken every day, to promote a healthy body and mind and to improve the look of skin and hair


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Elusyf Global integrates the beauty of art and the wonders of science in the pursuit of being at the forefront of anti-aging technology to help you look, feel and live your best, regardless of age. Henceforth, Elusyf Cell Activa has been specially formulated using the state-of-art advanced cell technology that enables you to combat against the natural aging process. This breakthrough formula encapsulates cell therapy into a convenient and effective oral supplement that introduces new cells into the body tissue in order to rebuild and revitalize the aging ones.

Scientifically formulated using only the purest and freshest ovine placenta extracted from medicinal sheep, Elusyf Cell Activa is a proprietary formula that helps to energize your body’s revitalizing abilities and recapture youth by battling against the aging process.

Regenerates & improves the skin functions to maintain prime condition.
Speeds up wound healing & recovery process after delivery and surgery.
Regulates & balances the hormones in male and female.
Rejuvenates the function of the immune system.
Encourages healthier & active lifestyle.
Protects the human epidermal cells.
Facilitates the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs.
Reduces the skin pigmentation.
Boosts the body's metabolism.

Contains rich growth factors, hormones and antibodies, and other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate the organic tissues.
Promotes cell growth, regulates hormone secretion and strengthens the body's immune system.

Protects against chronic degenerative and heart diseases.
Protects DNA from free radical damage.
Supports gastrointestinal health with better blood sugar control.
Anti-Inflammatory benefits.

Beneficial effects of squalene and squalamine.
Repairs damaged cells.
Replenishes oxygen.
Powerful antioxidant properties.
Anticancer and antibacterial effects.
Supports the body's immune system and response to allergies.

Protects the cardiovascular system.
Improves the elasticity of capillary.
Lowers the potentials for plaque formation and vessel blockage.
Rich in Vitamin A and E which have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions that promote faster healing of cuts and wounds.
Prevents scarring, acne breakouts and dermatitis.

Naturally rich in Vitamin C, Amino Acid, Enzymes and Germanium.
Rejuvenates aged tissues and promotes healthy skin.
Contains over 75 nutrients with 200 nutrient compounds which retains the health of the digestive system in our body.

Best source of collagen for human skin.
Etimulates collagen and elastin collagen thickening.
Encourages skin renewal.
Minimizes muscle contractions.
Skin will be protected with its elasticity and improves skin plumpness.

Helps to increase the body's metabolism.
Possesses anti-Inflammatory properties.
Is a natural anti-depressant and antihistamine.
Possesses anti-anxiety effect (anxyolytic).
Serves as anti-tumor and helps in cancer prevention.
Possesses anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-biotic properties.
Helps to prevent fungal infections.
Prevents skin disorders (anti-seborrheaic).
Acts as anti-lipidemic agents (blood fat lowering, LDL).
Prevents hardening of arteries.
Protects the heart (cardioprotective).
Possesses anti-diabetic effects and regulates the blood sugar level.
Helps to prevent arthritis & osteoporosis.
Prevents glaucoma and cataracts.
Has a synergistic effect on the whole body.

First 3 months of consumption: 1 - 2 capsules before meals
3 months onwards for maintenance: 1 capsule daily before meal
Critically ill patients: To be directed by their healthcare professional before consumption

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